Aaron Kammeyer

Aaron Kammeyer

Fitness Advocate

My background begins with my personal journey to becoming a healthier individual about 2 years ago when I discovered  I had a number of health issues that needed addressed and weight loss and getting Fit where at the top of my list for getting my health back in check.  I was able to train and condition myself to compete in 7-5K’s in the summer of 2013 and lost a decent amount of weight in the process. It was after that success that I started looking for the next challenge and I joined http://bestrongblono.com , a local gym owned by a friend. The gym’s focus was on both cross-functional fitness and strength… It also exposed me to some strength sports including PowerLifting and Strongman.. I took a liking to the strongman sport very soon after joining the gym,  and I competed in my first competition in October of 2013 (Muscle on Main)… Since then, I have participated in over 10 other Strongman and Power Meet events to date.  It was through the participation of that sport and my general interest in always helping others, that I started helping clients at the gym and decided to attend the CF L1 Certification course along with the Crossfit Strongman Certification course….I found I had a passion in helping new comers to fitness. In a lot of cases, these folks were in the same boat I just had left, and only needed a little push and encouragement to jump  start their own fitness journey!! Sometimes in life, people just need to see there is hope, and that their dreams are possible. My hope is that through my experiences I share here about my personal struggles and “ah ha” moments, I can help them in some small way to take back control of their own lives!!!!

Every person is different that I meet, and I have learned that no one plan or solution will work for everyone. You have to break it down in some simple form, that they can easily digest and understand so that they can own themselves, and allow them to get behind their own road to success.

As with anything, you do you have to be constantly evaluating your options and your current state in life. I recently did this myself and I made a shift to primarily training Crossfit so that I can focus more on weight loss and some technique/fundamentals that will help me succeed as an more well rounded competitive athlete. My hopes that this will allow me to continue to evolve as a person on my quest for a healthier life.


It is because I have lived and learned from my trial and errors over the year that I wanted to start this blog if only to inspire and to provide hope that there is way to a healthy life so long as you are ready to truly listen to your heart and your body!!