So its that time of year in which we all make our proverbial new years resolutions, the ones we know will never make it out of January… You know the ones, we all have used them a few times over our lives.. Wait, maybe just about every year?

  • Lose Weight
  • Get Fit
  • Find Love
  • Get Rich
  • The List goes on…

Not wanting to disappoint my new years traditions, I have decided to attack my old nemesis and make it a goal to get my weight back in control in 18′. Sounds like a political slogan, but I am hoping unlike a politician, I will follow through with my promise.


Its been no mystery that I have been on a long plateau for… IDK the last 2 years in my weight loss and overall fit journey. I could give you a 100 excuses, and I am sure in my mind, they are some legit reasons. Like with anything life, the road to success starts with you, just like the road to failure. That’s not without saying, there will not be challenges and obstacles along our path, but it is in how choose to negotiate those issues along our journey that dictates if we are successful. I could easily blame age as a factor, and I agree age is starting to make a difference. A few years ago, I could start walking and tweak the diet a tad, and wow… I could drop 20 lbs in a month. What a great moral victory and what a motivator. Today, not so much, I have work harder and longer and it takes a lot more to keep me motivated.

Buts never forget, success knows no boundaries

Age Is But a Number!

This simply illustrates my point about boundaries, but I also think Mr. Stalone has a few more opportunities to live that healthy life then the average Joe? Regardless, we see plenty of people that have challenged life and made things happen!

Another bonus of the new year is the social media channels filled with all sorts of folks that have had great success in their fitness goals or even better.. Want to sell you a pill, a shake, a meal or some words of wisdom through coaching to make it happen. Albeit there are some good success stories out there, but I think they were more of a conquest of their interpersonal resolve more so then the green wrap they wore for 20 days. It does server a purpose though, seeing through the smoke in mirrors, they are some real success stories of people making change happen in their life. Maybe they needed the placebo to push them through. Hey, hats off to them.

Now, on to my journey this year. So, facing a few set backs… Getting older, and recovering from some injuries, I am ready to get back out it. I laid the ground work in 2017 with the decision to see real treatment for my injuries as it truly was becoming a debilitating factor to allow me focus on my goals. It came from 4-5 years of maybe being focused on the wrong goals. Push more weight, work harder and longer and be impressive. With time, impressive has taken on a new form. Its quality of life, enjoying the fun and active parts of life.. Hey, lets go to a ball game, hey lets go downtown Chicago and walk around all day. It would sometime cause me points of anxiety about the unknown of how I would handle the day. Even beer cannot dull the annoyance and uncomfortable feelings of bad hip alignment and nerve pains.

Those things were not to impressive of a show for me over the last couple of years. Heavy weights, poor form, and being impressive in the gym had grounded my body into the ground,  and I was paying for it in simple mobility and pain.. The simple everyday life was becoming a challenge, and my program of “self-diagnosis” and fighting through the pain was catching up quickly.

Strong Resolve

So in 2018, I will have a strong resolve to reinvent my journey in a way that allows me to truly live an active life. Sure it would be great to step in to a competition, and sure it would be great to deadlift 600lbs or bench 405lbs..  But does it really matter if I can’t enjoy a fun weekend downtown, or take in a ball game with a face full of grimace from the pain. I think not, and therefore I will resolve to stay the course, and focus on some of the ground work I started last year.

  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Outdoor work
  • Weight training, static in nature

Fitness can come in all shapes and forms and they can all take you to the same place. Its these resets that allow us to refine our goals. Look at the big picture,  and think about the long haul, a reminder to ourselves that impressive is not what gets you to the end of the road..

And Really, is there anyone out their worth your quality of life that you need to impress?