This past year has been pitted with new and interesting changes in my life. They have ranged from figuring myself out, what journey in life do I really want to be in, what hobbies do a I really enjoy, all the way to the other side of the spectrum with the loss of my mom and a good buddy.. Both taken way to early in life, and both full of hopes and aspirations of things they wanted in life.

Too often in life we get so caught up in the now, or the past or maybe things that we should not even be concerned about. They say life is full of opportunities and chances to grow. They say “That does not kill us today, we can grow from…” or any other cliche type saying. The fact of the matter is, we may never get our tomorrow. What regrets do we carry with us that may go unresolved, or do we just put off for tomorrow? A quick loss in life can really put the important things in perspective in a short time. Maybe we just need that reminder every so often to kick our butts in gear?




If you are from the area I am sure you have heard of the big changes going on with my place of work, State Farm… It has not been that long ago that I sat around thinking of the future.  I really had a hard time not envisioning myself of the promotional opportunities and even retirement life. How so much has changed, it all changed in a single week!

This revelation of change, brings out a lot of emotions, fear, anxiety and any other thing you can think of that comes with the fear of change. I find myself once again at that proverbial juncture deciding on how do I decide to tackle this point of my life.

Change – Such a simple word, yet it has such a tremendous power over our mind and soul and body. In life, I have tried to focus on the physical and healthy more then the spiritual or soulful change. Maybe because it seems easier, I am not sure. Easy is probably an overstatement, but it definitely does not seem to be as stressful as it can be with it comes to our emotions and our mind.

I think the biggest struggle we have with change is the not knowing the outcome. If we had a crystal ball and could see the future, even if the future was not as ideal as we would like, at least we could prepare ourselves for it. Its when our mind is allowed to roam down many trails that we start to really hate change. We tend to go to the worst possible outcome, and we can’t imagine any good coming out of it.

This past year for me has tested my ability to overcome change. Its tested in many ways, and forms. All that in some of the cases there has been great disappointments, frustration and sadness. It has been in how I embraced and how I have chosen to deal with the various changes that have allowed me to move forward. In some cases, once I embraced change, I found alternatives…

(AKA the ending of my strongman career, the likely end of my crossfitting days)

Alternatives does not always equate to the consolation prize!! In fact, I found some pretty cool things to do to help me still push me forward on my active and fitness goals. Things that I have always been curious about or wanted to do, but maybe just did not have room on my plate.

Hiking, Walking, Biking, and BBQ Cooking

Yes the BBQ cooking is also activity. I find that since I have been getting into it and all that is involved, that I spend less time in the hours in front of the tv.. Walking to around the pit, checking temps, getting logs, splitting logs, etc.. It keeps me active.


To make the hiking and walking more exciting I have added some landscape photography into the mix. It allows me to get out and wonder around and capture the essence of our world with crisp photos. Below are some of my practicing I have been doing the last 3 weeks. Its cool to be able to capture something that you only see in a moment of time, and be able to freeze it to be seen by so many later. Its also neat to have a purpose to go out and walk around. I get the reason I am out there to become healthy, but it makes it easy with purpose.

Lastly I mentioned earlier that there are some changes on the work front. I think its evident that there will be some level of change with what I do in my current job. Its the range of the change, and how we get that change that makes me apprehensive. This was the retirement job, and so many of us have been so lucky to have found a place like this to work out. To think that I may be back out on the workforce is a frightful thing.. But then as I start to look at it and ask questions of myself, I start to see that change again may be just the catalyst to a new door in my life. It may something different with my current job or maybe just a total place of work.. Who knows, but the point is that in change,  there can be fear, anxiety,  and there can be a lot of possibilities that lead us down a path we may never of taken had change not come into our life.