So today I take a few steps back in my forward motion, to reflect on one of the most important aspects of our life?


In the rat race of life we can easily get caught up in the moment of plans, schedules, timelines and anything else in between that takes us away from self-reflection and recharging our body and mind. I know the first thing that most will ask is …

But hey, you are not married and you have no kids.. So whats the big deal?



A true and valid observation, but I think in life we naturally create our own rat race, some times self inflected and sometimes inherit in the path in life we take. No I am not a parent and I definitely do not have a min-van with soccer balls and little dogs hanging off the back window. I do have my disposable time, less of a rigid schedule, I find that I fill my available with many other activities, my plate becomes just as full.

Most of the time its just plain fun with friends, sometimes its work or volunteering and then there are just the #adulting activities we all have to take part in every so often. If you can imagine that your life is like a jar, and each time you take on one more chore, activity, promise, commitment, you just keep adding a marble into the jar. For a while your okay, but after a while even if your jar is not full, just the fact you carry around with becomes tiring, exhausting and at some point you will have to sit it down and rest or risk it tumbling over and everything you have packed into the jar of life will tumble out all at once…

I.E. Implode, Chaos, Stress, Anxiety … Get It


I say this because even as much as I want to be active, stay active and enjoy life there are times that I feel myself struggling to keep that jar up right. It comes in many forms, the physical aches and pains of just go go go go, the mental exhaustion of managing the work life, the social life and the personal relationships. Sometimes its just not enough time in a day or week to get what we need to get done. There is always one more thing I wish I could get done tonight before bed.

Where things really go awry is when we try to work harder to get the stuff done… If I just get up earlier, if I can work a little later, I can get this done. That works for a while and then you crash. In the best case of scenarios is you just pull the reigns in bit, and maybe sleep a bit more to catch up or find positive outlets to relieve your stress. Unfortunately we don’t always react soon enough, or maybe we just do not have the right environmental factors to moderate our stress, our level of failure, etc.. This is where we want to stay out of, and this is why I like the “Me Time“..

Me Time can be mistaken for a lot of things, and sometimes people in your life may misconstrue you taking some time for yourself as not being friendly or distancing yourself, maybe even may call you a recluse, etc..  We do need to ensure we are being healthy about how we commit to this time for you, but it is important that you find it as well.

There are many of positive outlets, one of my most recent outlooks that I have found is learning to play the guitar. Its something I have always had an interest in, but just never thought I could learn. Finally said I am going to learn. What I like most about it is it allows me to make time for something where it is just me, takes me away from the phone the computer, etc… It allows me just 30-40 minutes at a setting where I get to unplug and dig into something. No real expectations, timelines or schedules.. Just me going at my own pace and learning an art that I have always admired.

Some of my strumming lessons for my Teacher.. I am currently working on the Song “Either Way – By Chris Stapleton“… I am also trying to learn some Jason Isbel songs as well…

I guess I could say another outlet for me is writing this blog. I think I started it as a way to share my struggle, and to tell the real story of life.

I know we all see the folks that have already succeeded and in a lot of cases want to sell you their secret. I think the real secret is that there is no secret. Each person has to master their own life and their own plan. No 2 plans will ever look alike and we have to be willing to struggle, fail, struggle fail and succeed. The difference between this and giving up is realizing that at times maybe we need to step back, recharge, regroup and then move on. Life can not be so rigid that we cannot allow for this, we have too or we will always wondering why.. Why am I not winning?