Today was day that I was set to maybe take the easy way out. I saw the crossfit #WOD posted last night on Facebook,  and it began to wear on me!

Burpees, 50 of them along 50 Thursters, oh and run 800m??



Soo… If you actually looked at the workout, it was 800m, but split in 400m segments. The burpees were split up over 5 rounds, but its easy to see where we can all start talking ourselves out of something. Mind over reality, and then you are done… The more you allow yourself to focus on what you can’t do, the more the mind dictates your reality!  Don’t get me wrong, there was no magical moment of realization and even as the beeper sounded, I still planned on just running 200m, and then maybe only 8 burpee rounds. But something happened on the run, I set my mind on ” I am running  my own pace” , “Its my journey”, ” Its my workout”, and “I am not competing against anyone else by my own mind telling me I can’t do something.

So as I am trotting down the road, I realized I was already at the turn back marker for the 400m run passing my planned turn back by 100m, and I still was feeling good.


It was then, that I felt that surge of desire to push through this. I can maybe actually pull this off, not the top score and probably the slowest time of today, but for me it was becoming a moral victory and positive step taken for me towards my goals. It felt good to not cut my run short because, to push through and finish!!

Today is a short and sweet post.. Your mind is a tremendous tool available to you. Its capable of helping many people do amazing things, and sometimes not so good things. We see people with natural gifts, but allow their mind to lead to them to bad choices. Allow them to not reach their goals, their potential. We are all guilty of this all the time for many reasons. So maybe my goal for today is to just work on not allowing my mind to limit my opportunities as much. Really force myself to step out, let the good things happen when you are willing to take a chance and push through!