As the summer heat of Central Illinois appears to be in full force… I am also reminded each year at this time that I am getting older, culminated by my early June Birthday. A day in the modern of social media, is not an easy day to forget. Its also another opportunity to reflect on your achievements from this past year, and if like most folks, some of your short comings. I think about all the things that have occurred in my life, the changes that have taken shape, and realize that there will never be an easy button. If you plan to keep moving forward and evolving you have to be willing to “Accept the Challenge”.

With accepting the challenge I feel like we need to continuously look back to see if where we are marching.  Is the direction we still want to march?
Accepting the challenge is about reaffirming that I will need to continuously challenge myself to be better, more active, and healthier and enjoy the fruits of life. I have to be able to question what is not working, and force myself to stick with the things that are working. I talked about this a number in many previous post, when I started my journey it was definitely a journey centered around, losing weight. I have been successful with this endeavor, and I have had my setbacks.
It’s been an evolution and a learning process over the last few years and here are some of my key things I find essential to my success:
  • To understand what things work, and what things really do not work and become debilitating in my overall pursuit of happiness.
  • To understand that the definition of healthy is not equated to what we may think it is based on the social norms. (I.E. Healthy != Skinny) Healthy is about feeling good about one’s self.




  • To realize that living an active life is essential and long term. The need to find other ways beside hitting a gym 24X7 is a way of engaging in healthy practices to help achieve my goals is a more sustainable “healthy” approach.


So Did I learn??

Some of my more recent changes have been the purchase of my Trek Hybrid bike. The best of both worlds, comfort and light weight to allow for long rides, but rugged enough to take off the “main” roads and enjoy nature, the great outdoors. I needed a way to allow my body to get a good cardio workout, with low impact to my body and with the added benefit of fun. I found I was excited to come home, jump on the bike and pedal around for over an hour, hitting 10 miles on my ride. Not so shabby for a guy that has not been on 2 wheels without an engine in over 20 years.  Sometimes the idea of 60 burpee’s in a workout or running 2 miles, just makes it hard to hit the box, and this is awesome alternative!!

Keyword “Alternative”
The intent was to not “replace”, and it’s important, that I always keep that focus in mind, that this is not a replacement for my Crossfitor anything else for that matter I am already doing. I see it has putting more tools into my shed that are at my disposal. This will aide me in not getting the feeling of “blah” in my workouts, or reduce injuries and stress my body takes that we sometime get with the same old routine!! The more tools I can through into my fitness tool box, the harder for me it becomes to find any real excuses to not be active.
Along the lines of filling that tool box, I have also fulfilled another dream in owning my own camper.
Camper, what healthy about camping??
It truly can be another aspect of being healthy! It allows me to live off grid with the added benefit of some tranquility, but I now have another benefits of staying active in other ways. It gets me away from the TV, and now allows me the opportunity for loading up the bike, heading to different parks and campgrounds that offer biking and sightseeing!
So my message for today is …
Continuously to review and evaluate your journey… Continuously reaffirm “the challenge” to become the better you that you desire to be. Continue to live life as we all know it’s not always guaranteed!