Through out my life I have many opportunities to be involved in so many things… If you are just joining in to my blog for the 1st time, you will soon come to know that I thrive on variety and not allowing aspects of my life to become stale. The big mystery that I think we all find ourselves in and how long do we stay the course on something…


Where we live

Friendships that just  … well you know


Different lifestyle choices and fads

I think we get the gist, we all tend to do things in life for a while, and sometimes we find that it’s just not our thing?

Some are simply good “lessons learned” that we throw into our toolbox, and use to help guide us in the future. Those lessons are some of the most significant lessons we will come to use over and over throughout our lives. They will be queried from memory for the next purchase we make, the “voice in the back of our head” that tells us to not go down that dark alley. They will guide us and help us to be better in our lives.

Try, Fail Fast… LEARN & THEN MOVE ON

What does it all mean, why would we ever want to fail.  Some of the biggest things we fear the most in life,  is our failures. Why wouldn’t we fear them, they hurt, they are painful at times and they make us make bad decisions. As painful and as bad as they can be, they too are still lessons we store in our tool box called life. The important thing however is to not allow these choices linger on. Don’t stay in the game long after the buzzer has gone off, learn when you are out of options or it’s just not working for you… Then, find a way to recover gracefully.

Like I mentioned above, this can be about anything in our lives, our friends, our romantic relationships, the current thing you are into… So many times we feel trapped, or we are afraid to offend or make someone else feel out-of-place. It’s a real concern, that I feel holds us back,  and maybe sometimes,  is the easy crutch that we like to give ourselves.

I joined our local Fire Department for a few years and one of the 1st thing they would teach you in any training/rescue type scenario is you have to ensure your safety before you can branch out and help others. This can apply to ourselves in how we carry on in our personal and emotional life. Sometimes, we have to take a deep interpersonal look into ourself,  to truly see how this stage or journey of our life is effecting us. Sometimes we have to realize that certain situations,  are not the journey we are met to be on. We need to realize that, what at makes sense and is exciting for one, may not always be a good path for another.   Only you the tools and the understanding of yourself to decide which journeys you choose to stay the course or cut short.

As I mentioned above, this mindset can cover the gambit of our life.. Today, I think of this when it comes to my fitness journey, and some of the things that I have tried, like and discarded. As I continue to evolve and define my goals, my journey continues to take on different directions and meanings. I learned a few things so far. I have really enjoyed the opportunities that I have had to compete in the sport of strongman, but I also realized that all though its fun and challenging, the actual competition of it the sport is just not my journey. This does not mean you will not see me in the gym carrying a yoke or farmers, it just means you will not see me on a hot Saturday afternoon on asphalt parking lot killing myself to get 1 more second off the clock. Similarly while I am back to crossfit, I decided that I would not partake in the open this year. It’s just not my journey, I value the day-to-day workouts and the degree in which it pushes me to better my physical fitness, I see this more as a thing I am doing regain my level of fitness. Not so much to get a better score, or walk away from the gym to be sore for days later. My journey is to find the balance that I can sustain for today and tomorrow, my journey is for the long haul, therefore I need to ensure I stay injury free, and capable of being able maintain this journey for years to come.


So my purpose for my entry today is this. We will always have journeys in our lives. The key is to remind ourselves, that we are the king of our journeys. Don’t allow our lives to keep tracking down the road we know we should never be on!!

Don’t allow your journey to be mapped out by others.. You have to be the navigator of your life, you are the captain of your destiny. Know when you time on the path you are on is over | fail fast, learn and move on!!