Its been almost a full year since I last logged in and blogged anything. After spending over 45 minutes updating wordpress and other plugins I am finally writing some content. A lot of things have happened in my life, and I felt that even though a few peeope may actually read these, it in some ways holds me accountable to myself, I am putting myself out there and therefore I am more committed to my goals!!

My initial plan for this blog was just focus on a healthy journey. Today 1.5 years later, that journey is still important to me, however I have also wrapped my mind around the idea that Health and Well being goes well beyond the medical and physical aspects of your life. It’s the mental, and emotional wellness, or what I like to call the “active” life is just as important.

As you can see above, I have add more to my arsenal to further promote the other 2 aspects of the healthy lifestyle continuum. One of the major roadblocks that I have run into every time I think of getting fit, it burn out or getting bored. It was because of that, I really wanted to branch out to more than just a gym bumpkin and harken back to some of the things that used to define me more in the youth, the outdoors. If I am out enjoying life in all faucets, the thrill of an ATV Ride, the tranquility of fishing on the open water while fishing, then I am not vegging on the couch!!

2016 was a struggle of a year for me, I had a struggle with weight gain and I flipped flop back and forth between the work out programs. I feel I have a strong graps on building strength, but just do not have the discipline to force myself to do the hard stuff that I need to help condition myself, aka the BURPEE!!! So this summer I made my way back to crossfit and I have been really focusing on just getting the cardio in and working my strenght on the side. I have been losing weight once again, but I am also focusing on trying to keep my strength. One and the other do not always make that task simple so the loss has been slow, but its happening!!

In addition to the strugglers with fitness there has been a number of other obstacles and stressors in my life, culminating with the the passing of my mother in 2/2017 at the age of 61. It has proven to me that life is really short in a manner of speaking, we simply never know if we are guaranteed that next day. Because of this, I am more convinced that life is more than just one focus, it’s all the experiences of life that make up your happiness!



Emotional Well Being

Active in life

You have to live your life, I know that there is more to life then scales, or weights.. My choice of happiness, or activities that I find joy in,  may not resonate with everyone, but I feel that each person needs to find various ways to fill their bucket with life’s experiences.

How will you decide to fill your lifes bucket?