I started my workout venture 3 years ago and this past 6 weeks has been by far the hardest period of time that I have been able to find that motivation, to get back at it… It all started with the Cold/Sinus season of 2016…


It started in late Feburary and for me, this is a normal hat I deal with on a yearly basis. A quick trip to the doc in the box and some medication and back to the gym I go.. Things were going great, I was making some of the biggest gains in my life in the gym!!

I was not to be stopped, I had goals in mind and I was hungry to achieve the next goals ( the epic 405/4 plates Bench Press, 300 OH Press and being able to come back to Barbell Deads and hit 550lbs.. You know simple goals and goals that are not be thwarted by a simple sinus infection.. Week of meds and I feeling good, or so I thought.. Next thing you know I am back at the doctor,  and on another round of meds.. Heck I have this, nothing stops my goals and back to gym I go…

dehydration2 Well as you may of guessed,  I am at 4 weeks and I am weak, tired and feeling the worst I have felt in many years. Round three of meds,  and this time I decided maybe just maybe I should stay home.. I was so bad that just walking into work was a major chore, and what I thought would be a couple days home resting,  turned into 1 week and then 2 weeks and so on.. Next thing I know,  its mid April and I have not been to the gym… Feeling better and capable of getting back at it, Spring 2016 has finally arrived and who in the world wants to be in a gym.. There is fishing, there is yards to mow and garages to clean out???


IMG_6342 IMG_6343 IMG_6347

So feeling the sluggish kick in with a major force of overtime and feeling any and all gains escape.. I have had really dig deep back down, and find all the motivation that made me start this journey long ago so that I can get back at it!!

Talk about a Plateau!!platesI had to Remember again that it was not a fad or something to do for kicks,  but understanding that its a lifestyle, and that I still need to find a balance in life. There are so many other things we all have in life, it’s easy to stay motivated in the beginning when the reason or motivation that dragged you in the door is so fresh in our minds. But when the results fall off and stop looking so obvious, or life things happens,  whats going to keep you going?


I write this today for a couple of reasons:

  1. I feel like that this is a source of my own personal motivation that helps drive me
  2. I have a lot of new friends heading into the fitness world and when things get hard, I want them to be able to reflect back on the same things that I am doing
  3. Remembering that we live life and we always have to find ways to remain flexible yet still fit in our goals!!!