So typically most of my blog entries are centered around positive vibes and the successes of my weight-loss/health journey. I think that I would not be doing myself nor anyone else,  that takes the time to read my blog,  any service to only share with you the positive aspects of my journey, and omitting the periods of frustration which makes up the journey in its totality.  Like any other journey you take in life, you can expect to take a wrong turn, or maybe get some bad directions, but you will get to your final destination so long as you are patient and have willing to make changes.
So after last nights “Free Body Composition” test at my local gym, I felt like maybe I was taking some wrong turns. I had recently went out to get some more detailed medical advice on how I can continue on with my fit lifestyle,  but with a focus now on dieting, increasing my energy and getting my  internal body mechanisms to function on all cylinders. As part of that evaluation, I had to weigh in little over a month ago.  I was a little shocked with where my weight had gone over the past few months, but at the same time I was seeing a lot of gained strength and performance. I was sure that there were plenty of opportunities to make some changes in my diet again and with this new plan in place from consulting service,  I was expecting that my current weight situation to be a short-term issue.
So last night when I weighed in, I was a little surprised at my analysis and findings,  I would say it really had me questioning a lot of things around what I was focusing on and doing when it comes to my physical health!!!
I literally have spent 2 hours a day in the gym the last 3 months along with trying to attack some new strategies on eating, and correcting chemical imbalances within my body.. No doubt my time spent in the gym has made me a lot stronger and I am surpassing just about every previous PR that I have ever set in the last 2 years. In addition to my performance gains, there are other markers of success that I need to be cognizant of as well, especially with some of my medical conditions such as High-Blood Pressure and Type II Diabetes..

Hitting My 375lb Bench Press PR

 Hitting My 255lb OH Press PR

 Farmers Hold for time – 265lbs Per Hand

Fortunately my exercise habits, along with focus on removing most of my “bad stuff” out of my diet has allowed my Diabetes to remain well under control since 2013 and without any medication to do so.. So even with having some things I  need to continue to focus on, I still see the successes, that I have made.  Sometimes our successes can quickly be overshadowed by the things we are not doing well such as weight on a scale, and especially with how we as society attribute pounds on a scale to “healthy” or even desirable.
So what do I do????
This is always the question we ask when we feel we are at the end of our own rope to determine how to move forward. It’s in these moments in life we decide who we want to be, which character or personality that is within us are we going to lean on,  to take us forward. The winner, the dedicated soul, the person that lives for the challenge will re-group, re-tool and march forward. The other side of the spectrum is the person that will say… Why me, It’s not my fault, I give up..  The biggest challenge we have is figuring out which Alter Ego we will allow ourselves to lead us. I use the word “Allow” because it is our choice and our choice alone to determine how we will decide to react to a situation. It makes me think back to the book teachings of “7 Habits of Highly Successful People“..   The outcome to any given situation can be directly attributed to how we choose to react to the situation.. If we are willing to conceded that both the problem and the tools to solve that problem reside directly within ourselves, then we are able to lean towards the positive side of any situation..  Thus we are more likely to arrive at a more positive results based solution.
So with that in mind, I came home from the gym… Sat back and looked at the information I was provided, digested the concept of eating 2,800 calories a day and making sure that I am consuming 300 grams of Protein. Wow, if the average egg is just 6 grams, I would need to eat 50 of them or 10 6 oz. chicken breast a day… That’s mind boggling to think that I would need to eat so much, but what’s even harder to wrap my head around is that I need to eat more to lose more. I need to support my muscle growth so that my metabolism will burn more. Still even after almost 3 years of doing this, I find it hard to wrap my head around this. The typical mindset with all the fad diets is to slash and burn.. Cut everything and if you are not doing that, you are not dieting. I have never really believed that, but to put faith and trust into allowing myself to eat more to lose more is hard to fathom.
Time to break the mold, wipe the dust off and go all in.. I headed to Best Buy today,  purchased a Fitbit Charge HR along with a nice set of Bluetooth headphones.. I will start to really understand why my body is doing… Am I burning what I think I am.. Are there things I can do during the day to improve my burn.. I also figured I need to force more cardio upon myself and if I am going to do that and be succesful, well heck I want some good music without fumbling around with stupid head phones while I am working out..
The moral of the story today is once again.. We are never are done learning in life. The day you are not willing to take some feedback, adjust and get back on that saddle is the day you are done. Yesterdays news, was not what I wanted to hear or maybe it just not seem to be the appealing direction I wanted to go, but I now have a more defined target to aim for, and I will start heading that new direction…
In the process of change, you have to be willing to change again and adapt, re-evaluate, change and adapt and so, and so on.
I leave you with a motivational video…

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