Many of you have probably encountered the quote “Check Your Ego At The Door” proudly displayed in your local gym…  Most of the time we just walk right on past the sign, if we even see it at all.. It seems like such a cliche, for the most part we just let the concept brush right on by us.  I am sure  thinking… “They can’t be possibly refer to me!!”


I started my fitness journey back in 2013 and even just a little 2 years into it, it is  easy to fall into the mindset that you always know best or that there is nothing you can learn when it even comes to fitness.

We tend to think thing like “I have the best training regimen, the best technique or have figured out the recipe to getting #gainz in the gym.”

That sort of mindset can be devastating to forward progress and if left unchecked can lead to burnout, frustration or even injury.. The fact of life is that over time your body adapts and changes. Just like with anything else, if you not listening your surroundings or what’s going on with your body, you will get lost in the changes of life. Don’t allow yourself to get lost, you are never too old to learn something new, to adapt, to evolve to become the next version of yourself!


I am sure you have all seen the Brobible video that went viral right before the new years… It depicted the scene that I am sure has played out in just about every gym known to man, at the beginning of every year, The “New Years Resolutioners”. It also made a point to call out the various personalities that you come across in the gym… Some of of these stereotypical personalities would not dare concede to the idea,  that whatever that they have going for them would ever need improvement, let alone stop and listen to some advice.

The video takes some liberties to make light of the situations,  but it has a valid point and sometimes we have to see things like this to make us take a step back. You see all types, you see the ones that are just going through the motions and you see the ones that come in every night and leave it all on the treadmill.. Which one do you aspire to be?


So jokes aside, the moral of my blog is that even after all the experiences that I have had… I still have a lot to learn and I will continue to learn about me and my journey to the fit that I desier.. I think it makes it interesting and keeps me engaged because to me there is always that next level… Today I bench 365lbs, but tomorrow I want 400lbs.. Is it strength I need to focus on, or maybe its simply working on form and technique..

Tonight I work on deadlifts for form and technique.. I need to work on getting set up at the 1st pull and not lift from my back.. I need to drive with my legs.. I am using a hex frame which allows me to focus on mobility and pathways, and build strenght… Sure I could easily be “hitching” out deadlifts from a barbell, but where does that get me??

The willingness to work on the self-improvement means that  you are still working to evolve and improve yourself. In life we continue to learn lessons each day… The day you are not willing to learn from your mistakes or able to take advice from others experiences, is the day that you essentially are giving up…


Your never to learn to evolve!