750lbs Tire Flips - Muscle On Main 2014

750lbs Tire Flips – Muscle On Main 2014

About a year and 1/2 ago I finished my last Strongman Competition at the Muscle On Main in Morton, Il… The day in itself was sort of a milestone for me as it was the 1st competition that I competed in the open class for my Wt. Division.  As you can see in the background, I was competing with some big and very strong dudes… It was a rush and it felt great to shirk the title of “novice”,  and even though I was scoring towards the bottom of the class, I had come sooo far in just a year’s time. I felt great, I felt strong and I felt alive!!


Over 10 strongman comps in a single year, and a few things happening in my life,  and I decided it was time to take some time off and re-define what my fitness journey would be. As it turns out it was a good time to retool some things, which has worked in my favor. Over the past few months as I have enjoyed breaking in “Salfit”,  I have become stronger in so many areas over where I was during the time of the Muscle on Main Event… Things that I would struggle with, maybe due to poor mobility I can do with a lot more ease!

Bench Press this past week 300# for 5 reps, which puts me on target or a 1RM of 350#

My 220# Farmers carry for 100′ just tonight… The heaviest weight I had carried in a competition was this weight, and I carried this after 5 other carries working up to that weight!!!

This is my 235# log press.. This was just a week ago, and only the 2nd Time that I pressed a log in 18 months…

Over the course of my time off from competition, I have learned more technique, increased some mobility gained in raw strength, and most importantly I have been able to work my training into a schedule, so that I am able to stick with it on my time, my schedule…


that is suited for me!!

What was the key for me – AKA “Salfit”



I think the key thing in the entire statement above, is what is suited for me.. But what is even more important, is that understanding what works for me, what makes me motivated to walk into the gym and beat my body up, is different for each of us.. If there is one thing that I have been able to take away from my 2.5 years worth of continued fitness journey, is that I have to enjoy what I am doing.. I have to feel like I have options and flexibility…  I find gratification in the fact that I have been able to tackle and do so much because I have given myself the chance… The person I was before I started this journey would of never been able to complete 7 5ks, a Ruck Run and the assortment of powerlifting and strongman competitions… That is what makes me sooo PROUD!!!


Because I have been able to adapt as needed, I stay the course on the journey to a better me.. One that many times in the past I would of already given up on… So many great excuses –> I would of been bored, or I would of found a great excuse for not having the time to do it.. Not only have I stuck with it, now even after a year or more away from actual competition, I will once again be taking the floor at a USSA Strongman Competition in STL on 12/19… Its not a full show, but it will definitely give me the taste, the hunger and desire to stay the course and become that machine I would want to be!! I have joked with my Strongman Coach Drew, hey I am training to be able to compete in Nationals as a Masters…

Well, maybe its not a joke, maybe there is some real merit and a goal to shoot for!! So many amazing things have happened over time because of a simple dream.. Just in how I have continued to push myself on other aspects of my fitness goals, I will also ensure that I remove the limits and roadblocks from me accomplishing my dreams… Procrastination can be a number one detractor from getting started, Limitations and Fears are just as crushing to anyone’s ability to achieve success… Remove the Limits and LIVE!!!