Today’s post is going to take a little different spin than what my normal subject matter is about, all though in reality I suspect the points are relatively the same. A year ago our small community suffered a tragic loss when one of my best friends 17 yr old son,  decided to take their own life. Their lives and many friends and family around them took a very different course of direction from that moment on.

Evan Bruce Workman the typical 17 yr. old high school senior, full of invincibility, spunk, humor and most importantly respect and compassion for any and everyone he ever came in contact with. His life could be categorized as someone that was the life of the party, spent most of his time making others laugh on their down days, playing sports, and sticking up for the ones that may not of had the courage to do so themselves.. If there was one individual in the Clinton High School that year,  that NO ONE would of every of thought capable of doing such of thing, Evan would of been that kid!!!



This weekend, a year afters Evan’s passing,  Crossfit Influence , our local Crossfit Affiliate hosted a Memorial WOD Fundraiser in honor of Evan and to give back to the #EvanStrong Foundation. The organization was founded soon after Evan’s passing and is charged with bringing about more awareness in our local communities about suicide.. Enabling people to speak out and to not be ashamed to talk about it. To help find help for people that seemed lost in their world, the feeling that there is no hope, and bring them out of the shadows…  No longer do we want the shroud of embarrassment to be associated with this cause of death or for anyone that struggles with depression or mental illnesses.. Suicide is the only 100% preventable cause of death, but sometimes I feel it’s the one cause that we as a society put little focus on to prevent.. Its simply too easy to stay in our bubble, and keep our blinders on to whatever we have more important in our own lives…  Its taboo, we simply do not want to hear about it  or talk about?? We are so busy in our own lives, to stop just for a moment and see someone else, for who they really are and most importantly how they are feeling.. We need to learn to look past the clothes they are wearing, the color of their skin…  If we actually take that moment as a compassionate human being, we may actually be able to look past the surface and really notice someone…  See that someone may be struggling and maybe offer some kind words, a smile or anything to let them know that they are not invisible and they are most definitely not alone!!

#EvanStrong Memorial WOD

When the idea of creating this even started to percolate, I think we would of been ecstatic to have most of the members of just the CFI Box participate, along with some close friends and family members.. After All, it was Labor Day weekend, and even as loved and admired as Evan was, it had been a whole year since his death.. As the event drew near, it became clear with an ever growing level of joy and excitement, that was not going to be the case… In the final week of the event we had far exceeded over 100 registrants and we knew many more were coming that just had not had time to pre-register… The day of the event it was an amazing day,  filled with some sadness, but more so,  filled with respect and admiration and energy… It was truly a moving and powerful experience to see over 170 people sign up to do this event and more spectators or people that just came out to donate.. Many of the participants,  had never even walked into a crossfit box in their lives.. It was even more moving to realize that even a year later, Evan’s impact on this world was still felt in our community and he is still missed.. What a true honor to his friends and family, but more so,  a reminder to us all that life has its ways of changing our world… What we know it to be today,  is not always what it will be tomorrow, and we should not take life for granted!!

For those of you that may not be familiar with the typical crossfit work out, they have a workout posted each day, and out of creativity it is called the “WOD” or Work Out Of The Day…

So, from now and ever more, the WOD called EVAN will be the following:



Everyone came in and put it on on the mats yesterday even as the Temps quickly got up to 95 degrees in the final heats…



A little video to capture all the events of the day… (ps. This was one of Evan’s Favorite Songs)


So I think the lesson that I wanted to share today is this… Life can come in many shapes and forms. Life will continue to change and evolve every day. We so often tend to focus on the now,  what’s wrong now and why am I stuck here. There is a fine line in taking life for granted and not be willing to plan for the future. We have to learn to make the most of our lives and help ourselves and others bring about positive results. Life is not easy, life can be very hard and not everyone is naturally dealt the same deck of cards. The difference in a lot of cases is how we choose to play the cards we are dealt.  We also should understand that there are many more cards left in the deck of life,  and even if we got a bad hand this time, if we stick with it, we will see good hands and good times… Don’t give up on life or your dreams… Be a champion of change, be a shining light to others that may be in the shadows today..   Continue to search for your happiness, never lose sight of that goal!!



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