So as I continue to evolve my fitness journey, my home gym continues to evolve… I have made some good progress this summer with collecting the essentials to allow me to get the most dynamic fully functional fitness workout… No I do not need full rigs, or rings hanging from the ceiling to wipe myself out during the course of a 40-50 min garage workout… It has evolved soo much over the last few weeks that my friends are affectionately calling it SalFit… I love it to death, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be able to get this done… I thought about many times over the last 2 years… Wouldn’t be sooo nice to be able to just walk into my garage at any time, any day of the week and do my workout. No Rules, just right… The right workout when and how I want to push myself..

As you can see I had the inaugural Garage to Garage Mini WOD this past weekend and I was able to expose my friends to a different dimension of cross functional fitness. It was hotter then it has been in a long time and by no means was it an easy workout but it drove the point home that you can take basic tools and create a hearty and vigorous workout..

Say its not so… You can get a hard core workout without being at your local GLOBO GYM..


And then there are all these odd rules in take your pick gyms…




So over the last few weeks I have been able to introduce some of my fellow crossfitters to strongman… The beauty of which you can take a person with little to know weightlifting experience and have them working at their intensity in the course of the hour… The best part of it is that it mimics real life situations.. I have also been able to bring people in that are a little reserved about the whole weight lifting world, or have heard all the horror stories coming out of the crossfit world… Most importantly I am getting back to my roots while adding varying points of stimulation ranging from cardio all the way to raw power and strength building.

Here are some of my recent workouts…

Tire Flips


Bench Press

Push Press


What has been the most exciting about building out Salfit has been learning about new ways to condition and push your body… For Instance, Sandbells… It has been a great tool to the arsenal, I have used it for slam balls, kb swings and just today I was able to use it as a Wall Ball.. So versatile and just one way you can save money when you start building out any sort of home gym…

One thing I have found is that people are more than willing to share their tips and lessons learned.. I guess we all have in a similar boat at one point or another and we sort of feel like we should pay it forward… For that I appreciate everyone that contributes and is willing to help the next guy!!

One of the biggest concerns I get is… “How do you keep yourself motivated to go outside and workout.. ”  Well I look at this way… Its the same amount of discipline to make me get off that couch in the midst of winter, put on a pair of shorts and t-shirt to drive out in snow and freezing rain to a gym… Only to go back out all sweaty and back home.


But I get it, we all have our little quirks that some how motivate us… and as I stated many times before you have to find your motivation and run with it.. If it’s the group environment, if it’s the pink and floral colors and towels at the gym… Run with it and use it.