I saw this picture recently on FB and it made me think on how this so easily relates to my lifestyle and some of the choices I made for many years. Living the single life, the idea and coming home and cooking good quality meals, just really never made since because there were ALWAYS so many leftovers that just went to waist… Then you add in the busy bachelor life the ability to fly through a drive-thru for a $3.99 value meal made sense both financially and from an time management perspective. I think many of us in our life can relate to this paradigm we find ourselves in.. Especially for the Fast Food Nation mentality in the US today.  It is so sad that not only do we have to spend more time and effort to eat better, but as a society we have made fast food/junk food so much more cost effective then healthy good home cooked foods.  We are all caught up in some sort of schedule nightmare, weather it be work, the kids sports or dance and or working multiple jobs to just keep the bills paid… Fast Food to the rescue for most of us at a astonishing rate…


See some facts:


One of the  more profound stories that I can relate too regarding the Fast Food Nation mentality is the store of “CT Fletcher – The Strongest Man You never Heard“…

CT Fletcher



 He would eat 4+ Big Macs, 4 Large Fries, 2 Large Shakes and 4 apple pies at the same mcdonalds every day for over 20 years…

This was his lifestyle until he had to have emergency open heart surgery… What a game changer, in the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s he was considered one of the top powerlifters in the world… He ate Mcdonald’s because it was cheap and for a man growing up in Compton, this was something he could afford to sustain his body mass and make the gains to keep him at the top. He even jokes about the fact that he was such a regular in there, that they would have his food prepared for him before he even got there!

He came back weighing well under 200 lbs after his surgery looking as if he had not ever stepped into a gym.. Using his motto and his attitude to never give in, he has come back stronger and bigger from a lean perspective then he ever was in the height of 1990s when he was training hard core for powerlifting.

CT is best known for his motto “ITSYMF“… Its still your set regardless how tired, how weak how exhausted you are… It was this motto that I cling too, the point that I have it now engraved on my arm… I wanted a lasting reminder that regardless how good I am doing, or hard I am failing in life, that It is Still My Set, and I still need to get back up and move.  Never give up and never be happy with mediocracy!!!!

So as I return from my recent trip to San Diego and I indulged myself in their local cuisine…


Torta – Carne Asada @ The Blind Burro

I was reminded once again of how I need to still remain focused on not only the physical aspect of my healthy journey, but the mental and kitchen aspect as well!!

You hear it over and over again, you can’t out train a bad diet. I suspect if you can to some degree, I mean for a while you will see some successes, but at some point you will start losing ground. The other consideration is that I will just train harder and more often.. Well I am hear to tell you that there are repercussions from that mindset as well.. Your body can only take some much, it has to rest, it needs to be replenished and nourished properly. I started down the path of train more, trainer harder and train longer and not long into it injury started knocking at my door!!


So as I stated many times before, you always have to be ready to tweak your program, evaluate what is working and what is not. Getting fit is not a Fad for a few weeks. If it was, then any of the crazy HIIT workouts 10 hours a day or liquid only diets are an “Option”… We all know that they are not sustainable and are loaded with unknow land minds to your body and your mental health along the way!!


My first go at trying to find ways to cook better at home and make things that are tasty and make it well worth passing up any drive through is the Mexican Street Corn Salad that I so enjoyed this past week..

It’s pretty close to what I had this past week but I will for sure have many more chances to perfect this along with other recipes that I find along the way.. Eating better, is my main goal.. You notice I said Eating Better rather then eating healthy?  Well I did this on purpose because I think in the dieting and fitness mindset we as individuals put so much burden and high expectations on ourselves when we think we need to follow the traditional diet rhetoric that “fit” people tell us how we have to live by… True, that lifestyle can work, no denying that but I also know its sort of like telling a chain smoker to stop cold turkey..  Food is an addiction, its something we crave and triggers all of our sensories at once… We just need to figure out how to eat better more consistently and the rest will fall into place..

Act As IF!!