How many times in your life have you heard this saying before?

If you are not failing then your not trying hard enough?

I think there in practice there is a lot of truth to this, but I also see this has been a slippery slope to travel along. You should be pushing yourself, because its only when your body overcomes, that you will see transformations… The problem can arise when you run on the edge for too long and without listening to your body.

Concept II Rower


If you have spent anytime in a Crossfit box, then it goes without saying you know what the rower is, and you know how much of a workout it can provide.Safe to say that I too found the same benefits and the light bulbs go off:

As part of our daily warm up, we row 500m which is a fairly good work out. I have been doing it for months since going full-time Crossfit and on Sunday Open Gyms, a lot of the I use the Rower as my primary cardio… Rowing anywhere from 3,000-3,500m..  I would couple the workout with either a slam ball and/or some sort of ab or core workout. That’s it, may workout was over and I went to the next day doing our daily WOD.. Now what if I could just get up EVERY morning and row that same 3,200m?? Wow, the pounds will melt away in just a few weeks, so here I go!!

Well the great idea was a just that a great idea, or at least in how I planned on implementing rowing into my daily routine. Not really thinking about the fact that I have never really to that extent in a single day as doing a full Crossfit workout was may error on my part. I started this on a Thursday and by Saturday’s workout I was noticing more and more how sore my legs had been and the recovery time was taking longer and longer.

 Fast-forward to next week and our workout includes a mile “sprint” for time… Oh boy, how I could I miss this opportunity to really see how fast I can run in a mile in.. This reeks of a chance to capture a new PR, even with knowing how sore I had been that day and even more so after our bombardment of Power Cleans proceeding our run.   3 laps in and I am feeling tired and the burn in the legs, but just one more lap to go.. 1/2 way through the last lap I feel some real tightness in the hip and bam… Pulling a muscle in the hip, I still manage to finish out the run, because dang it I am going to PR this workout..

Crap, a 5K in over a week and another one the following week and now I am limping around and unable to run.. So guess what, it was time to revisit my training plan.. Maybe just maybe that 3,200m row each day was a little more then my body was ready to take on, especially with still doing my regular WOD’s each night.


Not only was an important lesson to learn, it actually came handy as I am also in the process of expanding my ability to continue my training and weight loss goals. I am gradually building out my home gym so that I can augment my daily routines with more specific strength training and strongman training. In addition, it gives me greater flexibility to allow me to still meet my fitness goals when maybe my workload and schedule will not allow me to meet the gyms schedule..


As I start thinking of the ways that I will utilize this new equipment I now I have a reminder and an important lesson to grow from and make sure that I train with what my body is really capable of doing. If I am injured and sore all the time, then working out every day at 50% is worthless and not allowing me to move forward.


So with that being said I took Saturdays workout time to do simple and more intense workouts that allow me to garnish benefit from them, but not push my body to the limits beyond recovery..


Lighter Farmers carries for distance along with Yoke walks for distance.. Building up strength, stamina and grip strength while pushing the cardio at the same time and varying the stimulation points on my body with is the essential element of what Crossfit or cross-functional fitness is all about.


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So I leave you with this question – What lessons are you going to learn today and how will you use them to make you better?