I mentioned in a previous entry that part of the Fitness Journey should involve revisiting your goals and deciding if you are meeting them and/or if they still are making sense for where you want to go. Its something that I do all the time, I just want to make sure that I am still just as focused as I was at the beginning and ensuring that I am making needed adjustments when I need to. If you are hitting that wall, feeling unaccomplished, we have to find ways to re-invigorate our drive!


2 years ago when I started my fitness journey, I knew that I did not want to do crossfit, insert your favorite crossfit joke here –>

I knew that I could get all the results I needed by walking and maybe training for 5ks… Simple right, I could buy a brand new treadmill to walk/run on  and walk outside when its nice, problem solved!

Perfect game plan – Right???

Well as you can see that NordicTrack makes a wonderful clothes holder/space taker-upper and somewhere in between then and the just recent, I gave up on the walking/running thing…  How many of us face this vicious cycle, in which we have become zombies to fitness and constantly feeling like we are just looking for that one that we can glom onto and own…

Thankfully I have realized that there are many other tools or activities out there that can help me achieve these results I am looking for.  I faced challenges over the last 2 years with ranging time constraints, traveling back and forth to the gym (30+ mins one way)  and feeling like I there is just not enough me to meet all life requirements.  I listened to what my mind & body was telling me,  and went back to drawing board.  How can I make things work for me.. What things do I need to embrace to keep seeing the results from a fitness and health journey?

Fast forward and today I am doing crossfit locally, today I am doing strongman training on my time table, and today after giving up running for over a year, I am once again working on 5k’s…


Wait, What??? You mean  you did not give up on things you love, you have added more to your plate??


It was my willingness to constantly revisit my goals, where I wanted to be and take into account what I really can reasonably put on my plate.. I meant that I  may  have to make some sacrifices in terms of changing how I trained and/or saving to buy some needed equipment… It is so worth it, when I can envision me continuing down this path to Fit for a long to come!


It all come down to how hard are you willing to make your changes become a “Forever”?