Our local Crossfit Box started a 15 week challenge back on 1/12 of this year…

The challenge will go on for 15 weeks in 2015 (hence the name 15 in 15). Each person will pay $5 to be a part of the challenge with a chance to win the Grand Prize of 1 Month free membership plus a pair of Reebok Nanos or their choice of shoes. The challenge starts January 12th and will end April 26th. This gives you a little time to prepare yourself.

There will also be smaller prizes given away throughout the challenge. For every week you complete the requirements for the challenge your name will be put in a drawing for the random smaller prizes (hopefully this will help keep people motivated to stick with it).

The requirements are as follows:

• You must attend at least 3 times every week for 15 weeks. Open Gym will count as one of the 3 times if you are unable to come during regular class times. If you are out of town I can come up with travel workouts for you to do so you will not be penalized for missing.

• You must keep a journal and keep track of all your strength skill and wods including weights and times. Each person will pick 2 goals to complete during the 15 week period. This could be anything from losing weight, to getting double unders, rope climbs, getting a pull-ups, achieving a certain weight on a max lift, etc.

• Each person will need to give something up this can vary from food or drink (ex. Chips or soda) or not saying “Can’t” in the gym or giving up the elevator at work and taking the stairs instead. Options are limitless get creative just pick something you can stick to 15 weeks is going to be a long time.

• There are a series of 15 Tests you will be completing over a 10 day period. This will vary from max lifts and wods, to max reps in a certain time period. There will be a makeup day for these tests as well as Open gym time to complete them.

• Lastly, you must complete the 105 day Burpee Challenge. The challenge is simple, day 1 you do 1 burpee, day 2 you do 2 burpees, day 3 you do 3 burpees. You will continue this for 105 days. If you miss a day you can make them up the following day but you cannot do burpees in advance. (Ex: missed day 44 following day you can complete 89 burpees 44+45) You have all day to complete your burpees, so break them up as needed to get them done.


We are now on Day 72 of our challenge, and I am happy and maybe also a little frustrated as well… We had to pick 2 goals during our challenge and also give something up. My 2 goals were to be able to do box jumps as part of a regular WOD and to lose 30lbs… My give up was to not drink beer during these 105 days. I picked beer for a number of reason…


  1. 11063213_10206610639923499_1603249305_n This is a MAJOR weakness of mine and even though I know it has been one of the largest contributors to may weight problem, I still have to find ways to allow myself to enjoy the foods that I love ( I.E. moderation)
  2. By looking at the pictures below you can see that this also has been a major part of my life and I suspect has been the biggest culprit in my overall health factors.
Most pictures before my journey looked like this?

Most pictures before my journey looked like this?

No, I don’t need to go to AA, but I wanted to be able to prove to myself that I had the will power enough to stay the course, no matter what… There has been a lot of “NO MATTER WHATS” during this challenge. I have had 2 going away parties for friends going to the Military, a good friends 50th Surprise Party, Daytona 500 Parties, Super Bowl Parties, and the list goes on and on. Its been a challenge to say the least, but with just 33 days left of my 105 days, I can see the finish line and I am proud of myself and the determination I have shown…


As for goal #2 to lose 30 more pounds… I fear that I will not achieve this the way that I had hoped! I know that I have lost around 12 of the pounds since the start of our challenge. Which is still a lot of weight in just 10 or so weeks, and right after the heals of dropping 50 lbs in the 3 previous months. Part of the challenge was also to take body measurements and I know that I have lost a significant amount of inches, and I know that my cardio and mobility have greatly increased. What I really like is that my clothes fit better,  and I have been able to go down sizes in shirts and jeans.. So those are big wins!!


It is this time period in anyone’s weight loss journey,  that I feel is the most paralyzing – The Weight Plateau!


I need to lose 15lbs, but your clothes fit better now??

I need to lose 15lbs, but your clothes fit better now??

We all enjoy what I will call the “Honeymoon” period of our diets when the lbs just melt away.. Its like magic, you get on the scale everyday and a pound here and there just goes away… Then we hit that wall!!

If you are really working out, your body is going to start making positive changes, many like the one I talked about in myself… All of these changes are all aspects of health and wellness and most importantly longevity. But conditioning that happens in life about the scale and what “healthy” is, allows us to only focus on weight and the scale… Weight equals = healthy, right??


Or Does It?



So at the end of the day, what does it mean to be healthy… Is it always good to judge your success by the scale? As much as I wanted to be able to lose another 30lbs over this 15 week challenge, should I allow the scale to derail any of the other positive changes that have transpired over the few weeks. True I have more weight to lose, but I have to shift my mindset to understand that progress can happen within us in many forms, and its the longevity that I am striving for and not the short-term. I WILL and CAN lose that weight that I made as a goal for me, it may take a little longer and I will gain a a lot of other successes in the meantime, and with that I mind, I feel #SalWins2