This is my first official blog entry for my new site… I decided I needed a good way of documenting or journaling some of my trial and errors of my quest to a better me or Me 2.0!!  The above picture was a snapshot of me from 2012 and me this past week!! Wow what a long haul this has been and a lot of trial and errors. I suspect as with anyone, the quest for fitness is a series of success stories and let downs. I have worked on this many times since my early 20’s… Lose some weight, get a good workout and diet regimen in place and then boom,  off the wagon I fall. It was not till 2010 that I realized I needed to starting taking things serious.. The big High Blood Pressure hit me.. After what seemed like agonizing months of waiting to get all the needed testing completed,  I was cleared of any serious or should I say eminent life-threating danger and I soon started working out.. Did good for a while walking and P90X but soon complacency in my short lived success hit and wow, did I ever fall off that wagon. Fast forward a year and ½ later to May of 2013,  and this time I really hit hard with weighing heavier than I have ever weighed in my life by about 50lbs and now finding out I now Type II Diabetic.. This was my turning point and realization that all the fast food, the fried food and the beer had finally come back to haunt me. I was not really ever invisible but for the 1st time I now knew that this was true and now I got myself into a permanent bind!!!


It was then that I realized for all the right reasons I needed to change my life!!  Life is what you make of it, and so far maybe I had not made all the right choices.. Starting then my choices were going to be more aligned with living life to the fullest and more importantly making the right choices for a better me! Since starting down this path I have been able to participate in things I never thought I would have been able to do and met some truly amazing and inspiring people along the way.. Most importantly I have learned that even though I may not always have a friend of family member right there with me each day, their words of encouragement and support can carry you that last mile and that last single rep you just did not believe you had in you!!


St Pattys Day 5k 2015



The picture above is one of my latest accomplishments… In 2013, I ran my with a time of 65 mins… Just glad I finished, and lived to tell the story!!! I had already planned on a race a little further out with some friends,  but I was afraid I was going to fail, so I snuck in a small race earlier so that I can go my own terms and see what I really had in me…  That summer/fall, I  ran 6 races and managed to get my time down to 52mins… I got heavy into a form of Crossfit and strongman later that year and most of last year. Only 1 race (Neon Vibe) and a week after the St Louis Strongest man comp.. My body was wrecked from the competition even before I took a step into the race and well as for the time I really was just glad I finished… Skip ahead now almost a year and wow I finished in 42 minutes…


My moral of all this is simply this… Life is about the choices you make and learning to listen to what you head and body is telling you… Any goal is obtainable but the person that will always succeed is the person that is constantly reevaluating their goals, where they are in life and what needs to happen to keep moving forward!! Maybe not always by leaps and bounds but so long as you move forward you are winning!!


750lbs Tire Flips - Muscle On Main 2014

750lbs Tire Flips – Muscle On Main 2014

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